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Tools for use designing your game.

Calculate asteroid impact damage

Some games you need this sort of thing, from comet strikes to massdriver attacks, to determine just how screwed your party is. Alternately, use it to see just how much damage they did!

Impact Earth
Impact Earth!

Londo Mollari: Mass drivers? They have been outlawed by every civilized planet!

Lord Antono Refa: These are uncivilized times.

Londo: We have treaties!

Lord Refa: Ink on a page!

–Babylon 5 “The Long, Twilight Struggle”

Endor Holocaust
The Endor Holocaust

HYPE’s Color Specifier for Netscape v.3

Once upon a time, in the primordial dark days of the early WWW, back when it was called the WWW, a site was born that listed all the colors you could ever hope for and their associated html # Hex values. It was a thing of beauty, a ray of rainbow light in the grey-backgrounded website monotony.

These days, you can use Photoshop to get the Hex values of any colour you want. But sometimes, just sometimes, you want a pretty list of places to start. This has always been my “go-to spot” for quick web design. HYPE’s original page is long since dead, but it is my honor to host a mirror of that archaeological gem:  HYPE’s Color Specifier