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Achtung! This may be of interest to you!

Traveller the TV Show

Anyone else remember Traveller, known by many names over many editions and alternate universes, the semi-hard sci-fi RPG of legend?

Spinward Traveller
Spinward Traveller

Well, someone has decided to make a TV-pilot set in one of those iterations:

Spinward Traveller is classic science-fiction; a compelling story of misfits and heroes struggling to survive in the vast sea of stars that is the Traveller role-playing game universe. Based on Marc Miller’s award-winning RPG Traveller, our story captures the essence of role-playing; of characters who have to work together in order to succeed. We wanted to stay true to Marc Miller’s vision of the far future, and we have recruited cast and crew who are passionate about the Traveller RPG and getting the story atmosphere right. Making any show is expensive; making sci-fi is doubly so. We’ll have hundreds of people and thousands of person-hours involved just for the 22 minute version.

Sounds good to me! Check out the kickstarter.