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Xechon, Game Master. Owner and Editor of Gamer Cache

Welcome to Gamer Cache! I’m Xechon, the owner and editor for the company.  I’m pleased that you have found your way to this Role-Playing Game ‘blog! Hopefully, you can find a few useful tips and tricks here to make your game run more smoothly. Got your dice? Ok, here’s the back story:

Gamer Cache was founded in 2006 as a “geeky T-shirt company” with eyes set on internet sales to Gamers worldwide. While good fun, it never really took off. Besides making myself and a few friends some Geek-centric themed shirts, the company withered under the weight of other obligations. We marched on for a long while as a software-development house, but our true passion was always the thrill of the game. That’s where the fun is, the tales and the stories woven together over pizza and crudely-drawn maps. It was waving hands, silly accents, and scribbled notes–all to the tune of clattering dice. That is what drew us to gaming in the first place, and that is where we eventually returned to.

T-shirt (C) Gamer Cache 2008
T-shirt (C) Gamer Cache 2008, Photo: Jon Schow, Model: Allie Valtakis

Times changed, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey and all that, but Gamer Cache survived! These days we focus on the aspects of Role-Playing Games that will help you run your game more smoothly, efficiently, and enjoyably. An un-stressed GM is a happy GM! To do that, this ‘blog is dedicated three things:

  1. Helping GMs and Role-Playing Gamers get better at their chosen hobby through stories, examples, useable NPCs, and silly art.
  2. A lovely excuse to actually practice silly art.
  3. Maybe, someday, to begin offering RPG game aids and geeky t-shirts again.

So come in, be welcome, and share your own tales! Gamers, GMs, Geeks, this site’s for you.


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