The .Plan

“My .plan? To find a .plan. Nothing special mind you. Just a little .plan (.planette) I can call my own. A .planet with lots of pretty trees and fields. And .animals. And maybe a few .sentient_species. Nice docile ones that I can order around and not have them talk back@me. And if the .people rebel I can crush their protests with my .secret_police! Yeah! And then I can make them work on my .palace! A huge palatial .palace with lots of ornamentation! This’ll be *FUN*”

–Johnathean Schmitt, 1992


UNIX jokes never grow old, they just get archived…

So here’s the plan: To create a blog where GMs and  Role-Playing Gamers get better at their chosen hobby through stories, examples, and silly art. In doing so, it will be an excellent excuse to actually practice my artwork–as well as explain how I GM things, listen to the comments of other GMs and Players, and generally have a fun time doing it. Maybe, someday, I’ll even begin offering RPG game aids and geeky t-shirts again.

This is an EXPERIMENT! We’re doing SCIENCE!

So come in, be welcome, and share your own tales! Gamers, GMs, Geeks, this site’s for you.

Notes from behind the GM's shield